Natia (2017)


Short film | 15 minutes

Production company – Sarke Studio LCC Distribution: Shorts TV International
Location – Tbilisi and the region of Kakheti, Georgia (2018)

Following the death of her grandfather, 25-year-old Natia returns to Georgia to see her grandmother in a small village in the region of Kakheti, Georgia. Having lived in Europe for many years, Natia sees with a fresh eye – and first-hand – the brutal Georgian tradition of bride kidnapping. Angry and stricken, Natia is forced to reassess her culture and her own values.

The film is a portray of a reality that Georgia has been living for so many years and that nowadays is still happening in some regions. It follows the sparkling and intense internal conflict of a 25-year-old Georgian girl who is coming back to her birth country after spending most of her life growing up in Spain.