Natia (2017)

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Short film | 15 minutes

Production company – Sarke Studio LCC Distribution: Shorts TV International
Location – Tbilisi and the region of Kakheti, Georgia (2018)

Natia's cultural identity is torn when she returns to her country of origin and discovers an antiquated tradition that dehumanizes women is still practiced.

Following the death of her grandfather, 25-year-old Natia returns to Georgia to see her grandmother in a small village in the region of Kakheti, Georgia. Having lived in Europe for many years, Natia sees with a fresh eye – and first-hand – the brutal Georgian tradition of bride kidnapping. Angry and stricken, Natia is forced to reassess her culture and her own values.

The film is a portrait of a reality that Georgia has been living for so many years and that nowadays is still happening in some regions. It follows the sparkling and intense internal conflict of a 25-year-old Georgian girl who is coming back to her birth country after spending most of her life growing up in Spain.