Forbidden TV (2020)


Coming soon... Currently in post-production!

Short Film showcased as part of a Theatre Play - The Mythosphere by Inna Dulerayn
Format: RED Helium + RED Pro Primes

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift.
And the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honours
the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

The Mythosphere is a theatrical project that promotes the importance of spiritual freedom and intuitive knowledge in the modern rational society. The project is based on the play The Mythosphere by Inna Dulerayn.

The play tells the story of a girl with magical abilities who tries to fit into the non-magic world discovering for herself the history of genocide of the people with magic abilities. The mysterious interventions gradually limit the girl’s ability for magic and ruin her little world. The second part of the play is a monologue of the old woman, who has a councillor supervising her because she lives alone losing her grasp of reality. Gradually the woman discovers that the reality she tries to keep is the false one and her real world is the world of awakened new senses, opened to another dimension and another history.

Forbidden TV: An underground, anti-establishment TV channel that aims to loosen humanity’s chains. Aimed at provoking belief in magic, ritual, myths and spirits. Select clips from this TV channel will be compiled into a short film that will play on stage during the performance of a highly technologised, super-surrealistic play MYTHOSPHERE. Supposed to wake you up and unlock your inner superpowers.

Production Company: Bacchae Productions
Producer: Maria Dulerayn
Director: Sasha Dulerayn
DOP: Dominika Besińska