Call It A Day (2019)


Web series | 1 Season, 6 Episodes

All episodes of Season 1 have now been released.

Episode 1 | "Rough Night" : November 21, 2019
Episode 2 | "Bad Feminists" : December 5, 2019
Episode 3 | "Stupid B****" : December 19, 2019
Episode 4 | "Joyeux Noel" : December 23, 2019
Episode 5 | "Woopsy" : January 9, 2020
Episode 6 | "That Fuc*$ng Constant Void" : January 23, 2020

Format: RED Helium + RED Pro Primes & ARRI Alexa Mini + Cooke Mini S4/i.


CALL IT A DAY explores various topics around today’s women by following two very different ladies, going through different struggles, and supporting each other.

We hope to make a lot of yous out there relate, laugh and feel seen through this series. Or just feel like you’re not as batshit crazy as you thought you were, but merely a 2020 woman.

Also, we’ve all heard things like, "oh come on, we have enough female story telling nowadays " - well, no we don’t.

First of all: we lost Fleabag and Broad City this year, two of our favourites, leaving a sad sappy empty spot in our hearts and computers/phones/TVs.

We aim to explore serious themes, and without making fun of it, laughing with it and try to lighten the shit up.

Let’s have a funny outlook on Amy’s anxiety, or Eva’s shitty work environment.


This world is enough of a drag already!



Starring — Oriane Pick, Rachel Mariam

Director — Kieran Bourne
ADs — Aynoa Alvarez Wautiez, Adam Survay
DOP — Dominika Besińska
Set Designer — Giorgia Lee Joseph

Gaffers — Simona Pranulyte, Malgorzata Maria Pronko, Zachary Chia, Andrea Sarcinelli, Emilio Palavicino
Sparks — Mariana Valente, Gabor Koncz, Adam Wawrety
Focus Pullers — Roan Lenihan, Agnieszka Kocinska
Camera Assistants — Jim Knight, Catarina Ribeiro, Katrina Ytteborg, Angus Steele
DIT — Aeddan Sussex
Sound Recordists — Rufus Ambler, Will Langdale, Nick Sounidis, Aeddan Sussex
Art Department — Ana Baltova, Marnie Stephens
MUAs — Taina Vez, Julia Kass
Costume — Emma Rawnsley
Script Supervisor — Tam Paul-Worika

Editors — Blake Ridder, Mariana Valente, Emmalie El Fadli, Jack Needham
Sound Design — Michalianna Theofanopoulo
Colour Grading — Liz Glennard
PAs — Anais Ferrato, Clementine Pinet, Rejane Poupin, Almendra Alvarez Wautiez, Michael Anthony Alvarez, Subah Sabur
Casting — Sophie Attwood, Rachel Mariam, Oriane Pick
Music — Aaron Egginton, Aine O'Flaherty
Original Music — James Stephen Finn


      Produced By Candid Broads Productions
      Showrunners/Executive Producers — Oriane Pick & Rachel Mariam
      Coordinating Producer — Letícia Bianco
      Associate Producer — Frédéric Ferrato
      Line Producer — Clara Maria Rose

        With The Help Of

        RD Content


          Winner: Best Webseries at ONIROS Film Awards (Monthly Edition)
          Winner: Grand Jury Actress Award at ONIROS Film Awards (Monthly Edition)
          Nominee: Best Dramedy at Seoul Webfest 2020
          Nominee: Best Screenplay at Seoul Webfest 2020
          Nominee: Best Webseries at Unrestricted View Film Festival 2020
          Nominee: Best Director at Unrestricted View Film Festival 2020
          Nominee: 2x Best Actress at Unrestricted View Film Festival 2020
          Official Selection: New Jersey Web Fest 2021
          Official Selection: Santa Monica Webfest 2020
          Official Selection: Pilot Light TV Festival 2020
          Official Selection: Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2020
          Official Selection: Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival 2020
          Official Selection: UK Offline Web Fest 2020
          Official Selection: The Web Series Filmmaker Showcase 2020
          Honourable Mention: TV / Webseries Original Song at New York Movie Awards 2020