photo by Inès Hachou.

I am a London based Camera Assistant with a broad technical experience in indie features and shorts as well as commercials, promos and branded content, with most digital formats. I have been working professionally in the camera department since 2017, both in the UK and internationally. 

Born and bred in Poland, I come from a background in fine art and photography, having nurtured these passions from a young age to this day. In my later youth, I moved to London in order to pursue a Film Degree at Middlesex University. I graduated in 2017; earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film. University had taught me my interests initially lied in visual storytelling and from then onwards, I began to direct all my energy into pursuing the only work that matters to me now, the art and craft of Cinematography. I shot my graduation film, Stevie (2017), which played at multiple festivals, including the BAFTA recognised Underwire Film Festival

After university, I pursued experience on film sets and have been growing my involvement in professional productions, working primarily in the camera and lighting department. I then went on to working full-time as an in-house Camera Operator and Focus Puller in an award-winning production company and creative agency in London. Spending close to two years learning from fellow in-house DOPs and freelance crews has undoubtedly helped hone my skills and technical expertise.

As a member of the camera department, I have worked on projects commissioned for Netflix, BBC2 and Dave, with a variety of clients, including Nowness, Dazed, Facebook, Instagram, Wix, Gucci, Barbour, Belstaff, Black Dog Films, Manchester City, OGC Nice, Williams Racing F1, and M&S, among others. 

Alongside my AC work, I shoot whenever an opportunity comes my way, predominantly short fiction and fashion. I recently shot a web-series, Call It a Day (2019), which was selected for numerous festivals worldwide and has now earned its first award for Best Web-Series at Oniros Film Awards 2020. My most recent shorts, Switch (2020), You Look Fine (2021) and Forbidden TV (2021), are currently in post-production.

Whether it’s to collaborate on a film production or to arrange a photo shoot, or to chat over a coffee, feel free to drop an email in the inbox below.

T: +44 7821 995733



ARRI: Alexa Mini LF, Alexa Mini, Alexa XT Plus, Amira
RED: Helium, Dragon, One, Epic-W
CANON: C300, C100, Various DSLR
BLACKMAGIC: URSA Mini, Cinema Camera, BMPCC 6K
GIMBALS: DJI Ronin 2, Ronin S
JIB-ARM: Porta Jib-Traveller

CERTIFIED ARRI USER: ARRI Camera Systems, ARRI Large Format Camera Systems

photo by Inès Hachou.